Never too old…


If there is anything I’ve learned about having a journal, it is that writing is VERY therapeutic. Most people think of teenage girls keeping secrets from their parents when a journal is mentioned. I happen to think of venting all of life’s “headache” problems out and allowing a peace of mind. 

I started keeping a journal during the painful times of my eating disorder. It was a way for me to journal what I was eating because I had to see it on paper in order for me to identify that I had a problem. Now, I think my journal is great for writing down when I feel a certain way so that I can later go back and figure out why or what made me feel that way. With everything that is happening contstantly it can be my way of storing memories. Remember, you are never too old to keep a journal. 


(journal is from Nordstrom Rack)


3 thoughts on “Never too old…

  1. This was such a nice post to read. I’ve recently been struggling with anxiety and my diary has helped so so much. I haven’t kept one in years and years but in the last few weeks I’ve relied on it so many times. I hope more people find this helps 🙂

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