Travel Destination: New York City


Almost 3 years ago for my 21st birthday week I decided to go to NYC… alone. I mentioned this in another post, but traveling on my own I gained some valuable travel tips. Here’s my experience of the Big Apple. 

I was never the girl who dreamed of going to NYC. I honestly think I just chose to go there because it had to be a must see place. Once I landed it felt surreal that I was actually there. Because I was alone I made sure to get a hotel that provided an airport shuttle for my midnight landing. My hotel was cheap and gross but it was the best I could do by myself in one of the most expensive cities where every hotel room is the size of my closet (not big). It was a hotel by Central Park and it was actually in a pretty nice area. Key points so far:

  • Get a hotel with a shuttle if no Uber 
  • If you’re getting a cheap hotel at least get it in a decent area

Before my trip I got a 3 day pass for the double decker busses because I mean how could you not do that. After hearing the tour already I stopped using those headphones they give and just used the bus as a form of transportation. It literally goes around everywhere so if you have a budget it works great because you don’t pay for every ride. I took multiple rides a day!

  • Some must do touristy attractions are worth it
  • Double decker are a great form of transportation

With my ride from the double decker I stopped by Little Italy to try some pizza explore. The great thing about NYC is that eating alone is completely normal! The majority of people I saw were usually alone. It was definitely fast paced and although it wasn’t my cup of tea at least I didn’t have to feel so out of place. Along with the pizza I tried a street dog near Central Park and actually got a panini from this really tasty deli by my hotel. Because my flight got delayed long story short I had to crunch everything into a short amount of time and would forget to eat. So I’ve noted that next time I go I have to explore the food scene more! 

  • Dont forget to eat
  • Don’t hype up the “must eat” foods in your head too much 

Along with Central Park and Little Italy I made sure I went to see Lady Liberty! That was probably my favorite part of the trip because I finally had some time to just chill and enjoy the view of NYC and Jersey. I would highly recommend that as it really was a beautiful view! My last stop was Times Square even though I spent time there all throughout the trip. This time it was to shop for souvenirs! I spent so much time there it got late and my only form of transportation was the subway. I knew I had to try it at least once while I was there. The subway system in NYC is super easy and I well thought out, so I had no trouble at all. 

  • Go see the Statue of Liberty
  • Subway isn’t so bad and scary

From my walks in Central Park to the traffic I would sit through. My trip was jam packed and here’s my honest opinion. The hustle and bustle of the city wasn’t exactly my thing. I come from a hectic and busy city, but I’m the type of person who wants to sit back, relax, and live instead of being on the run all the time. To tell you the truth New York wasn’t my thing and I was ready to say goodbye. I probably will go back again in the future, but at least I got to experience it alone! 
Xo, Suzy 


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