Moving to another state? 


My plan at first was to get a job or two and move out of my parents house finally! Now, I’ve realized that even if I did move out I would feel unhappy still. A couple of years ago I had my heart set on moving far away from home.

 I live in Southern California and even though I love certain places here; I don’t see myself here forever. My mood has been all over the place and I think it’s because I want a more simple life. Somewhere calm, genuine, and comforting that I can call home. 

I feel like while I’m young and have the time to be selfish, I should venture out and try new things. 

Ive decided that I’m going to get a second job this summer and pay off bills/save money so I can finally get out of this city and move somewhere that I would feel comfortable at. I’m excited yet hesitant because I’m hoping nothing will keep me here. I’ll just be here crossing my fingers!! 


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