Music City: Nashville, TN

When I think of must see places in the USA, Nashville is easily on top of that list. Music, scenery, food, food , and FOOD makes for a perfect trip! After visiting this beautiful city twice and possibly moving there later this year, here is my must do not so touristy Nashville itinerary. 

  • Radnor Lake

    If you’re looking for that perfect postcard photo…. this is the spot. With multiple trails leading to the lake, this is such a beautiful hike. It is calm, relaxing, and everything you could want.

    • Country Music Hall of Fame

    I’m not one for doing touristy things while on vacation, but CMHF was actually really entertaining. Walking around to see all my favorite singers outfits, awards, and equipment was pretty cool! 

    • Broadway Bar Hopping

    Downtown Nashville not only has great food options, but SO MANY bars to choose from. With live music and friendly people everywhere you go, this is a must! 

    • The Garden Brunch Cafe

    This small family owned business might have a long wait, but oh my is it worth it! Best place hands down for brunch that I’ve probably ever been to. Many options for food and all the employees are so genuinely nice!!! Definitely one of my favorite spots in Nashville. 

    • The Loveless Cafe

    Nashville wouldn’t be Nashville without The Loveless Cafe. This place has such great jam that you’ll even want to buy at the gift shop right across from it. There are so many options for barbecue and trust me when I say it doesn’t get better than the barbecue at Loveless. 

    • The Gaylord Opryland/ The Grand Ole Opry

    I put these two together because they are near each other, so if you happen to be on that side of town it would be worth it to pay a visit. The Gaylord hotel is beautiful and another great place for pictures if you just want to stop by for a bit. Of course, the grand ole opry is a great experience for any country music fans. You even get to stand on the stage where country stars perform! 
    These are my stand out spots for those who might be visiting Nashville for the first time. Although, the food spots are really for anyone! 🙂
    Happy Travels!!!!!



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