24 things I’ve learned in 24 years.

Recently I turned a year older (ahhh so scary), and through out my 24 years of life I feel like I’ve learned plenty! Obviously I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve been through a lot in a just a few amount of years on this planet.

  1. Be a nice person. 
  2. The friends you have now might not be in your life forever… life will go on! 
  3. What you see on shows is not reality, so don’t expect your life to turn out like that.
  4. You don’t need to plan out your future before you’re even a teenager, despite what the adults in your life might say. 
  5. Enjoy being young: it’s tempting to grow up fast, but just enjoy every age you are. 
  6. Everyone’s life is different.
  7. Don’t try so hard to fit in. It’s a waste of time and what exactly is fitting in anyway?? 
  8. Try many things and see what you like. You might even find something you’re really good at.
  9. Be completely honest with your feelings, it can save your life. 
  10. If someone in your life offers you to see a therapist… do it!!!
  11. You don’t HAVE to be good at school and if you aren’t, there isn’t anything wrong with you. 
  12. Make mistakes!!!!
  13. A good work ethic can take you a long way.
  14. Saving your money is good, but doing things you love can be rewarding too. 
  15. TRAVEL! Even by yourself! (I have a post about that).
  16. Don’t apply for too many credit cards at once…that’s no good for your score. 
  17. Don’t live out of your means. If you have money to spend GREAT. If you don’t… just try not to max out your credit. 
  18. Take the time to take care of your health (physical or mental). 
  19. Similar to the last one… see a therapist! Even if you don’t have a reason to, see one!
  20. Try volunteering in many different fields so you know what you enjoy.
  21. At the end of the day nobody really cares when you do things.. if you know what I mean. 
  22. You will have time for so much, so if you need to start over there is nothing wrong with that. 
  23. At the end of the day all you have is yourself and your thoughts. Take care of yourself.
  24. Do what makes YOU happy.. even if that means dissapointing others along the way. This is your life, they have their own. 

To be continued…


Music City: Nashville, TN

When I think of must see places in the USA, Nashville is easily on top of that list. Music, scenery, food, food , and FOOD makes for a perfect trip! After visiting this beautiful city twice and possibly moving there later this year, here is my must do not so touristy Nashville itinerary. 

  • Radnor Lake

    If you’re looking for that perfect postcard photo…. this is the spot. With multiple trails leading to the lake, this is such a beautiful hike. It is calm, relaxing, and everything you could want.

    • Country Music Hall of Fame

    I’m not one for doing touristy things while on vacation, but CMHF was actually really entertaining. Walking around to see all my favorite singers outfits, awards, and equipment was pretty cool! 

    • Broadway Bar Hopping

    Downtown Nashville not only has great food options, but SO MANY bars to choose from. With live music and friendly people everywhere you go, this is a must! 

    • The Garden Brunch Cafe

    This small family owned business might have a long wait, but oh my is it worth it! Best place hands down for brunch that I’ve probably ever been to. Many options for food and all the employees are so genuinely nice!!! Definitely one of my favorite spots in Nashville. 

    • The Loveless Cafe

    Nashville wouldn’t be Nashville without The Loveless Cafe. This place has such great jam that you’ll even want to buy at the gift shop right across from it. There are so many options for barbecue and trust me when I say it doesn’t get better than the barbecue at Loveless. 

    • The Gaylord Opryland/ The Grand Ole Opry

    I put these two together because they are near each other, so if you happen to be on that side of town it would be worth it to pay a visit. The Gaylord hotel is beautiful and another great place for pictures if you just want to stop by for a bit. Of course, the grand ole opry is a great experience for any country music fans. You even get to stand on the stage where country stars perform! 
    These are my stand out spots for those who might be visiting Nashville for the first time. Although, the food spots are really for anyone! 🙂
    Happy Travels!!!!!


    Can happiness be a place?

    I don’t know if I completely believe in the “home is where the heart is” saying. After all, you don’t awlays choose your home. I believe that if there is another place that feels more like home than your actual one, it is worth giving it a chance. Maybe happiness can be found in a new location. Maybe you belong somewhere else and nobody, but you understands. Maybe you know what is best for yourself.
    If you could just drop everything now and move to a place you know will make you happy, where would it be?

    Chicago in 48 hours!

    Last September I decided to go to Chicago for 4 days. Unfortunately, due to do the lovely traffic at my lovely city I missed my flight. I had to fly out the next day, but somehow I managed to fit in everything I wanted to do within those two days (flying out early morning on the 3rd day). I had booked two tours ahead of time as a must do. 

    First thing when I got there was a night time bike tour. I’m so glad I got this at night or else I definitely would not have made it in time. I took the train from the airport to my hotel and it took forever! So if money isn’t that big of a deal for you, it’s best to just Uber to your place.

    Bike Tour!

    If you are ever in Chicago, I highly suggest doing this bike tour! I struggled at first remembering how to control the damn bike , but I eventually got a hold of it! This city was perfect for this tour because it’s so beautiful day and night! We pretty much got to see the whole city with this one tour. It took us around to many different places and even to an amazing view by Michigan lake you will see below. The tour was around 2 hours long, so if you are only in Chicago for a short amount of time it’s perfect because it took two hours to see mostly everything I wanted to! 

    The Bean/Millenium Park

     The oh so famous bean was only 15 minutes walking distance from my hotel so I decided to walk there the next morning. Walking around this city is great in the mornings because the architecture is so nice! It’s the perfect combination of big city/beach vibes. When I went to see the bean I also got a perfect opportunity for a photo. The photo I took is a panorama photo but it shows just how pretty the city is and why you should walk around it instead of drive everywhere. 

    Cubs Game!

    I’m not going to lie, the last thing I am is a baseball fan. I grew up watching basketball, but when you’re in Chicago you can’t miss a cubs game at legendary Wrigley Field! The atmosphere around Wrigley was filled with great energy as the Cubs were doing so great last season. Besides being there to watch the game I heard that the hot dogs being served at Wrigley were a must eat… so I did! The reviews were so right because that hot dog was so so good! 

    Lake Michigan Tour!

    After the bike tour I’m not sure if the Michigan Lake Tour was a must, but after hustling to get there and find the boat it was the perfect scene to just be. It was nice to sit back and relax. Loud music was playing, drinks were being served, and the view was beautiful with even a rainbow popping out for a visit. After the tour, I just hung out around the pier before heading off to the next destination. 

    Overall, my trip to Chicago was hectic and a bit  tiring because of everything I had to crunch in from missing that flat! Although I’m really happy I got through everything I wanted to while I was there! I didn’t mention everything I did so that’s mainly why it was exhausting. I did put in the highlights and I’m sure if I just stuck to this list it would’ve been much more laid back! Nonetheless I had a blast and did not think I would’ve liked the city as much as I did. I would definitely revisit at some point! 

    Safe Travels! 


    Moving to another state? 

    My plan at first was to get a job or two and move out of my parents house finally! Now, I’ve realized that even if I did move out I would feel unhappy still. A couple of years ago I had my heart set on moving far away from home.

     I live in Southern California and even though I love certain places here; I don’t see myself here forever. My mood has been all over the place and I think it’s because I want a more simple life. Somewhere calm, genuine, and comforting that I can call home. 

    I feel like while I’m young and have the time to be selfish, I should venture out and try new things. 

    Ive decided that I’m going to get a second job this summer and pay off bills/save money so I can finally get out of this city and move somewhere that I would feel comfortable at. I’m excited yet hesitant because I’m hoping nothing will keep me here. I’ll just be here crossing my fingers!! 

    Travel Destination: New York City

    Almost 3 years ago for my 21st birthday week I decided to go to NYC… alone. I mentioned this in another post, but traveling on my own I gained some valuable travel tips. Here’s my experience of the Big Apple. 

    I was never the girl who dreamed of going to NYC. I honestly think I just chose to go there because it had to be a must see place. Once I landed it felt surreal that I was actually there. Because I was alone I made sure to get a hotel that provided an airport shuttle for my midnight landing. My hotel was cheap and gross but it was the best I could do by myself in one of the most expensive cities where every hotel room is the size of my closet (not big). It was a hotel by Central Park and it was actually in a pretty nice area. Key points so far:

    • Get a hotel with a shuttle if no Uber 
    • If you’re getting a cheap hotel at least get it in a decent area

    Before my trip I got a 3 day pass for the double decker busses because I mean how could you not do that. After hearing the tour already I stopped using those headphones they give and just used the bus as a form of transportation. It literally goes around everywhere so if you have a budget it works great because you don’t pay for every ride. I took multiple rides a day!

    • Some must do touristy attractions are worth it
    • Double decker are a great form of transportation

    With my ride from the double decker I stopped by Little Italy to try some pizza explore. The great thing about NYC is that eating alone is completely normal! The majority of people I saw were usually alone. It was definitely fast paced and although it wasn’t my cup of tea at least I didn’t have to feel so out of place. Along with the pizza I tried a street dog near Central Park and actually got a panini from this really tasty deli by my hotel. Because my flight got delayed long story short I had to crunch everything into a short amount of time and would forget to eat. So I’ve noted that next time I go I have to explore the food scene more! 

    • Dont forget to eat
    • Don’t hype up the “must eat” foods in your head too much 

    Along with Central Park and Little Italy I made sure I went to see Lady Liberty! That was probably my favorite part of the trip because I finally had some time to just chill and enjoy the view of NYC and Jersey. I would highly recommend that as it really was a beautiful view! My last stop was Times Square even though I spent time there all throughout the trip. This time it was to shop for souvenirs! I spent so much time there it got late and my only form of transportation was the subway. I knew I had to try it at least once while I was there. The subway system in NYC is super easy and I well thought out, so I had no trouble at all. 

    • Go see the Statue of Liberty
    • Subway isn’t so bad and scary

    From my walks in Central Park to the traffic I would sit through. My trip was jam packed and here’s my honest opinion. The hustle and bustle of the city wasn’t exactly my thing. I come from a hectic and busy city, but I’m the type of person who wants to sit back, relax, and live instead of being on the run all the time. To tell you the truth New York wasn’t my thing and I was ready to say goodbye. I probably will go back again in the future, but at least I got to experience it alone! 
    Xo, Suzy 

    Never too old…

    If there is anything I’ve learned about having a journal, it is that writing is VERY therapeutic. Most people think of teenage girls keeping secrets from their parents when a journal is mentioned. I happen to think of venting all of life’s “headache” problems out and allowing a peace of mind. 

    I started keeping a journal during the painful times of my eating disorder. It was a way for me to journal what I was eating because I had to see it on paper in order for me to identify that I had a problem. Now, I think my journal is great for writing down when I feel a certain way so that I can later go back and figure out why or what made me feel that way. With everything that is happening contstantly it can be my way of storing memories. Remember, you are never too old to keep a journal. 


    (journal is from Nordstrom Rack)

    Recovery: …

    “How did it get this bad?” This was the first thing I asked myself when I was sitting on the floor crying my eyes out. This was also the time I realized I had it rock bottom. 

    A few months ago I got diagnosed with an eating disorder that I apparently had for 10 years. Along with an eating disorder I have OCD which….let’s face it, feels like hell sometimes. After I was diagnosed with my eating disorder a lot of things in my life started making sense. It was almost like there were reasons for things, yet no reason for why I got stuck with these mental illnesses. 

    I decided to really look after myself and start taking everything more seriously. I started taking care of my body and respecting. I knew I couldn’t carry on the way I was going because I was just not the best person to be around. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be angry anymore. I needed some normalcy back. 

    At this point in my life I’m definitely not where I would like to be. Mentally and physically I am still struggling with a lot. However; when I think about that night when I had hit rock bottom, all I know is that I am so glad I’m not there anymore. Of course there are still pictures that make me cringe and days where I feel like my head is about to explode, but at least I am alive. 
    Step by step, day by day.

    Xoxo Suzy

    Quote I’ve been liking: “Yes, it is all in my head… that’s where my brain is.”

    “It’s all in your head.”

    4 years ago I got told I have OCD.

    4 years ago I started getting help.

    1 year ago I got told I had an eating disorder.

    6 months ago I started getting help.

    Through all these years, I got told it was all in my head.

    Through all these years I ignored them.

    But to everyone who thinks it’s in my head. What’s your point?  It’s not called a mental illness for nothing. It does all trace back to my head. And my brain. And imbalanced levels up there. 

    Have no worries though, I will still ignore you and your ignorant comments. 

    Quote I’ve been liking: “Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.”

    Yes, I like traveling alone.

    If there’s one thing in this world that will give you your independence and make you truly feel like a grown up, it is traveling…. by yourself. 

    When I turned 21 I decided that I needed to enjoy my life more and stop waiting around for others to join in on the fun. So my birthday week came and I jetted off (I just flew but this sounds fancier) to New York City. So what if I was going to be alone? I wasn’t going to let others decide for me when I get to travel to another state. 

    After a cancelled and delayed flight, I finally made it. Honestly, I was never a New York fan but I guess as long as you’re an American it’s somewhere you need to go. Now, before I got their I was a very socially anxious person so I don’t even know how I managed to go on this trip. However; if there is a city to be alone, it is NYC. Because my flight kept changing I only had a couple of days to fit in everything I wanted to do. I was hopping on and off the double deckers like no tomorrow. I even managed to go to Little Italy and have lunch at a restaurant ALL BY MYSELF. If there’s one thing I learned from this trip it is to pack the right shoes.   
    After New York I was off to my next destination. A place I like to call home away from home… Nashville, Tennessee. 

    Unlike New York, Nashville probably isn’t a very common place for people to be hanging out alone. I remember I went to a restaurant by myself and people were being so nice to me because I was sitting there alone. Haha! Although, people seem to be nice there no matter what. Lucky for me during my first night there I met these amazing ladies from Wisconsin. When I tell people this story it seems like it’s out of a tv show. I ended up spending the rest of my trip with them. I got to do things with them that I probably would be scared to do alone. I couldn’t have met nicer people! I still have some funny stories with my time with them that I will not forget. Although they made my trip that much more fun, Nashville is such an incredibly friendly place that even spending time alone there wouldn’t be a problem. 

    As cliche as this will sound. I do feel like I learned a lot about myself while traveling and gained a lot of independence. I feel like if I can do that than I can do anything. I still have a lot of places I’d like to go to. Some I’ve already gone (not alone) but plenty that I would like to go to  by myself even. 

    Safe travels,

    Suzy 🙂