Solo Travel Tips!

Not too long ago I posted this blog about my experience traveling alone. Till this day I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had the privilege to do! I didn’t go out of the country or anything, but being on my own in states I had never been to was absolutely thrilling. Of course, traveling alone can be a bit pricey and scary, but here are some things I did that helped me out! 

Find out how to get everywhere: this is an obvious, but important to figure out before your trip. Getting hotels with shuttles was a life saver for me. Especially if you are by yourself it is pretty safe because there are others using the shuttle as well. 

TIP: In NYC I used the double deckers to get around. It was hop on hop off and it went around most major areas. I just used that as a taxi to get to my destinations. 

Fun Fact: My hotel in Nashville had a shuttle to take me to downtown and back. I also met some awesome people on it. 

Cheap airplane tickets: It has been said that tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays around 3pm. I looked up ticket prices for a while and realized the price difference during this time was in fact true. 

TIP: Sometimes buying airplane tickets one way instead of round trip are actually cheaper. Do search both! 

Pack light: I just took a carry on with me. Being by myself I didn’t want to be dealing with waiting for a checked bag and carrying all of that. 

Fun Fact: I managed to fit 3 pairs of cowboy boots I bought from Nashville in my carry on. (I still don’t know how I did that)
Always let someone know where you are: The world can be a scary place so just be safe and make sure at least one person knows where you are at your location.

Hope this helps any solo travelers out there. Best of luck!!! I had the time of my life. 
Safe travels,

Suzy [Fragile, yet fearless]


Short, but real. 

I have OCD

I have body dysmorphia 

I had an eating disorder 

And now I’m being told I might have ADD.

I went to treatment

I took medication

And I’m trying to get back on medication.

All I know is I’m still standing and I think that says a lot. You CAN beat mental illness.

Suzy [Fragile, yet fearless]

One year of recovery. 

This time last year I put myself into treatment for an eating disorder. Although I had some hesitation, it ended up being a great experience. I can write a separate post about treatment another time. This one is going to be focusing on recovery. Just because I completed treatment it doesn’t mean I’m 100%.

Have I had eating disorder urges and behaviors since treatment? Yes, but that’s what recovery is all about. I’m not perfect and I’m not going to be. One of the hardest things to work on for me has been my body dysmorphia. It’s been a challenge for me to find that self confidence, but now I’m working on it. The difference between me pre treatment and post treatment is that now I can identify my eating disorder habits. 

Recovery has allowed me to be selfish in the best way possible. Some days are harder than others, but I know that my health comes first…. always. I’ll take the extra time to make sure I eat a meal and utilize some coping skills. Being selfish also means scheduling my appointments with my therapist, see a dietitian when I need to, and seeing a psychiatrist about medication I might need. Recovery mixed with a lot of daily life stresses isn’t easy, but who said recovery is supposed to be easy? 

-Suzy [Fragile, yet fearless]

My worst days in recovery are better than my best days in relapse. 

                                          – Kate Le Page

Perfumes worth trying! 

If you’re looking for a new scent or need to buy a special someone a gift, this post is for you. Here are my favorite perfumes/fragrances that pretty much cover a broad range of preferences. Hopefully you can find one here you’ll like to give a try.

Marc Jacobs: Honey

Honey is the perfect summer scent. I mean it’s also a great one to wear all year round too. The pear and orange mixed with the vanilla note is a lovely combination. It’s girly yet warm. I went through Honey pretty fast. It is a Marc Jacobs perfume after all!
Philosophy: Falling in Love

This smells pretty much what you would expect it too. It’s just the right sweet berry mixed with a little bit of that vanilla warmth. It’s feminine and not over bearing. Plus I love the packaging for its simplicity. This is pretty affordable for a good size compared to designer perfumes. It can be found at Ulta or Sephora.

MAC: Turquatic

Mac Turquatic has become a recent favorite of mine! The perfect way to describe this perfume is fresh. It’s not a very strong scent so it will save you the headaches. This is a plerfume that you will definitely get compliments on because anyone can like this despite their taste. Pricing is affordable for this one.
Marc Jacobs: Daisy
Here comes another Marc Jacobs classic. I myself am not a big floral fan, but daisy is definitely not a strong floral scent. I know this because I can deal with this one. It is such a lovely elegant feminine scent. A lot of people seem to love this one as well despite their preference. This one is a bit on the pricey side.
These are my top choices at the moment. I feel like there’s a little bit of something for everyone in here from sweet to fresh.

Have you tried any of these perfumes? Is there one I need to try?

Until next time,

Suzy [Fragile, yet fearless]

Coping skills for anything.

Coping skills: Methods a person uses for stressful situations.

Finding the right coping skills for myself hasn’t always been easy. It took me a while to be creative with what to do during some not so easy times. Here are a few things that I’ve found helpful and hopefully you will too! 

Journaling: Writing can be great therapy! This being a blog, I’m sure many people on here would find this coping skill helpful Writing your thoughts down is an easy way to let it all out and looking back at it sometimes is a good reminder that things can get better.  

Knitting: This coping skill is one that I learned while dealing with an eating disorder. I’ve found that knitting keeps me busy when I’m thinking of binge eating or just keeping me distracted from intrusive thoughts. There a lot of video tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn how to knit! 

Podcasts: Podcasts just like all great coping skills are a great distraction. Besides it being a distraction, it is great motivation. Podcasts cover all sort of topics and it can be helpful to hear stories of people going through a similar situation that you have been going through. Podcasts can be found on YouTube or there are quite a few free ones on iTunes. 

Puzzles: Puzzles can be fun and very productive! Once you get started with one it’s hard to stop. 

Movies/TV Shows: This one is probably not the most productive coping skill, but it is the most available one. I love to find a great movie or get sucked into a tv show when times are hard. It will keep me occupied from constantly thinking the worst. 

I hope these coping skills give you some ideas. If you have any of your own, please let me know in the comments. It’s always great to find new ones! 

-Suzy [Fragile, yet fearless]

Top 5 Netflix Picks!

Are you in need of some new shows to start binge watching? Well I’ve got a few that I have been watching this past week (yes it only took me a week). Here’s my top five on Netflix! 

1. Doctor Foster 

If you’re from the U.K. you probably know all about this show! Most of the shows I watch are British shows so don’t be surprised if you find another one on this list! Doctor Foster is about a doctor who finds out that her husband is having an affair. She goes to great lengths to get to the bottom of it. The ending is pretty unexpected and I feel like this is one of those shows where you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. There’s only been one season on Netflix so far, but I CANNOT wait until the next!!!

2. Fuller House

Not a U.K. show, but an American favorite! Growing up I watched Full House non stop whenever it was on! I even have the first season on DVD. I’m so happy that Fuller House is a great reboot of the show and is not a dissapointment. It could’ve gone both ways, but most of the characters are back or make guest appearances. It’s pretty funny and a little bit more grown up than the original, but I just love all the characters! Season 3 has just started and it’s never too late to catch up! 

3. The Five

There is only one season of this murder mystery, but boy am I glad I started watching this! I’m a little more than half way done with the season and I’m STILL writing about this show!!! It’s about a 5 year old boy who goes missing, but years later when a woman is murdered his DNA is found at the scene. YOU MUST WATCH.

4. Broadchurch

This show has been around for a couple of years, but feel free to catch up! Yes, it is another murder mystery. I surprisingly am not a big fan of these types of shows, so if I do watch one it must be really damn good! That’s exactly what Broadchurch is. A little boy gets murdered in a small town and everyone is trying to figure out who did it. You’ll spend the whole time trying to guess who did it and I actually guessed it correctly 🙂 
5. 13 Reasons Why

I think this one is a given. I started watching this show after everyone was already obsessed with it. If you have yet to watch it, I think it’s worth giving it a shot. There’s a lot of controversy on this show as it tacked mental illness and suicide. I personally think people are upset about it because it’s the truth and they don’t want to admit that this is reality. Are some parts difficult to watch? Yes, but this stuff really happens and I’m glad there’s a show that portrays the truth and isn’t all glamour. 

Now that some of my shows are between season… Are there any shows that you think I should watch?  What have you been loving on Netflix?

Suzy [Fragile, yet Fearless]

What was summer like?

This post was going to be about something totally different, but here we are. I figured since fall is officially upon us I would give a little round up of my summer. I feel like I’ve been so busy saying “oh the time is just flying by” that I haven’t taken the time to realize how much really did happen. I mean if you think about it a lot can happen in just 3 months even if it feels like the time gets faster. 


If you’re wondering if I’m scrolling through my pictures to try to remember what I did in June…. YOU ARE CORRECT! 

June started off kind of rocky. I was trying to get back on health insurance due to some strange symptoms I was having. Also, after having not been on medication for OCD for months, I knew it was time to get back on them. One thing I learned in June? Health insurance shouldn’t be so fucked up for pre existing conditions. I didn’t choose to have a mental health disorder. IT’S NOT MY FAULT…. ok rant over. June was also the month I decided I was seriously going to move away to Nashville, TN. Now my time is spent trying to save some money in preparation. 


July is my birthday month and like every other birthday I’m usually out of town (perks of a summer birthday). I usually like to take time off on my birthday. Maybe because life can get the best of you sometimes so I think a birthday is a great way to just ice yourself a break. This year I was particularly eager to get the time off. I battled with an eating disorder the last ten years of my life and after getting help for my disorder I wanted to celebrate being alive. I went to Portland, Oregon in July and boy was the good amazing!!! I will post s detailed blog post of Portland very soon! 


August was the month I decided to get my life together. I got my doctors appointments and finally went to a psychiatrist so I can get back on my medication! August was also filled with some fun adventures. A beach trip, too much coffee, some really badass restaurants. Hanging around Hollywood is one of my favorite things to do in the summer because most of my favorite hangout spots are around there. I also went to a concert (which I had more time for because a summer without concerts isn’t a summer).

I had a pretty decent summer overall, but it’s FALL everyone! Things are about the get better!!! Hopefully looking back at your summer you can find that you got a lot more done than you think. 
Happy Fall,

Suzy [Fragile yet Fearless]

Cure for dry hair?

Just to give you a background of my hair…. I was born with naturally not so great hair. It’s dry, frizzy, impossible to even let it down for the whole day. Growing up my hair caused a lot of insecurity for me. If my hair wasn’t nice than I looked terrible, so I thought. I remember hairspraying it down so I would look decent, and when it rained (I hate rain) I  knew it would be a bad day. Luckily I grew up in Southern California, so that wasn’t a common issue. After trying many products on my hair I decided to give these new ones a go.

After I shower I put some of the biosilk leav in conditioner in my hair and once my hair drys I’m not left with greasy looking I obviously put in conditioner type of look. When I go to style my hair I make sure to use the biosilk lite hair oil/serum after (and sometimes in between) styling. If I’m having a long day and my hair feels extra dry, I’ll add some of the serum before and after I have styled. Due to my dry and frizzy hair I am able to do that. I’ve tested this out on days where I will be gone all day and ever since I started using this I’ve noticed that my hair will last much longer through out the day. These products are light but still manage to keep my hair in check. A HUGE added BONUS is that they smell incredibly good too. Like a yummy cucumber body wash 🙂 I picked up my products from TJ Maxx and I believe were both under $10. However, biosilk can be found in other stores/online as well. 
If anybody has a holy grail hair product for dry hair, PLEASE help a girl out!!!                                                

-Suzy [Fragile, yet fearless]

Baa Baa black sheep.

I would say I definitely was the black sheep in my family since I was a little kid. I grew up with a nickname I gave myself, I was angry a lot of the time, and I enjoyed being alone. When I was old enough to start having my own views, decisions, and challenges I really knew I was different.

As a kid it’s almost like you grow up believing what your family believes and if someone says they’re wrong, you defend them. Then you get older and start forming your own opinions. Anybody who’s grown up with certain cultural backgrounds knows it comes with a pattern of the way things “need” to happen in your life. A majority of people you know live the same lifestyle not because it’s what they might want, but it’s all that they might know. 

From a young age I always thought differently than my family. Even though I was raised part of a certain culture I didn’t believe in a lot of the same things. It could be because I was raised in America, but it could also be because that’s just the way I am. I realized I wanted to have my own personality and create my own future. I didn’t want to live the same life as my parents. I wanted to make my own decision and fail until I succeed. Now I’m older and haven’t felt more out of place than ever. 
I’m at a place now where I know that this is life. At this very moment I am living my life and I’m no longer waiting for anything. I’m not waiting to start school, get that skill I’ve been working on at gymnastics, graduate school, get my first job, or get my license. There really is nothing I’m waiting for. I’m ready to start living the life I’ve always wanted. I wasn’t raised to be as independent as I am. I was raised to be dependent on my parents, so I wasn’t prepared for adulthood and moving out. 

Now at 24, I’ve decided I am no longer going to try to make my family happy because this is MY life. I’ve been through a lot this past year and most of it I’ve gone through alone. It’s time for me to be happy and if that means making people around me upset than I don’t mind. 

I will not apologize for wanting to be happy.

I’m scared of getting older.

Most of my life I’ve acted like a total adult. I grew up way too fast and always wanted to be surrounded by people older than me. Now being 24 (which is still considered young), I can’t help but feel old. I don’t even like doing things that might be considered irresponsible so I don’t understand what about getting older scares me. 

My 20’s so far haven’t even been the best years. I’ve gone through more insecurity, rejection, and fear in my 20’s than ever before. Maybe that’s the problem? I think I just found out the answer by writing this blog! Maybe I’m scared of getting older because obstacles keep coming up. I want my “shit to be together” earlier than it’s supposed to. The thought of getting older means the closer I need to be to having my life figured out. Ok, that obviously isn’t true but it’s an expectation I put on myself. I know it isn’t healthy, but it’s the way I’ve always been. 

I’m hoping to spend the rest of my 20’s enjoying my youth and accepting age. No expectations, no limits, no fear. It won’t be easy at times, but I’m hoping to give it a genuine try.