Moves I’m making to help find myself.

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5 stars for the cheese worthy title? If you’ve been following my blog posts and really if you’re human, you know life is up and down. This past year I moved away, came back home, moved away again, and came back home again. I’m in my 20’s, so you can imagine it’s a difficult time of trying to find out where I’m supposed to be in life. In the past making stupid decisions has been my way of life. It’s kind of sad actually. Losing yourself is difficult. Being so sure of who you are and then completely losing track of that is one big obstacle.

In the midst of all of this there was one big thing missing in my life…love. I stopped loving myself. Actually the last time I truly loved myself I was too young to remember. You know what not loving yourself does? It causes you to search for acceptance elsewhere. Because I couldn’t love myself I tried to find that through other things. Hooking up, partying, and social drinking to avoid my problems. This makes it sound more dramatic, but it’s the truth. Even if I wasn’t a party animal, even doing it occasionally for the wrong reason was a bad idea.

There is no regret in any of the choices I made because I’ve learned from them. In fact I’ve had to fall down several times to finally be at the place I am now. Which is surrender and stop putting up with all of that (excuse my French) shit! It took relapsing from my eating disorder and getting back on a routine to wake up.

I started working out 3 times a week because it helps me stress less and take care of myself.

I go to a support group each week and make appointments to see my therapist.

Most importantly I talk positively to myself which allows me to put myself first.

No more trying to find what I’m missing elsewhere. The only person who I need right now is me. I can’t expect someone to love or accept me because I can’t, that is my job.

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Here are 5 Affirmations to help you get through the day…

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If you’ve seen previous blog posts of mine, you know I’ve had my fair share of mental and physical illnesses. One thing that helps me are affirmations to remind me to accept myself and encourage me to keep fighting. If you don’t know what an affirmation is, it is a saying that offers emotional support. I used to use affirmations as my phone wallpaper so I could see it anytime I grabbed my phone. Another way to support yourself with affirmations is to tape them on your mirror or wall, so you will see them often. If you need some positive affirmations to lift you up; I have provided 5 that I personally find useful.


I let go of all the lies I tell myself.Be patient with yourselfI am enough.I am doing the best that I can and that is enough.I forgive myself.


If you have any affirmations you’d like to share, please comment them below!



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Medication and Mental Health: Is it worth it?

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There are two types of people when it comes to mental health. Those who believe in medication and those who don’t. When I go diagnosed with OCD 5 years ago I was against taking medication. The public would always say how it is addictive and wrong so I just grew up to believe it was wrong. The strange thing is not very many seem to think taking medication for your physical health is wrong, so why is it so terrible all of a sudden when it comes to mental health?

Before and after being diagnosed I tried to work really hard without medication. A lot of frustration, some success, and more frustration went into that. There is a lot of opportunity to make progress without medication, but it isn’t for everyone. After I gave it a try for about a year, I realized I needed some extra help. I tried a couple of different medications before I found what works best for me. I’ve been on and off with it since. There are times where I feel like I’ve got it and I am putting in the work. There are also times where I’m so busy with life that I just let the medication do the work for me. You see, OCD isn’t the only mental health issue I’ve had. Sometimes it is exhausting to have to deal with all of this so the medication allows me to live more than suffer through the daily rituals. Between this, my ADD, and the eating disorder I once had… I don’t think there is anything wrong with needed a little more help.

The down side of medication is side effects. I’ve had many, but eventually they do go away. It’s difficult when first starting and its difficult trying to ease off the meds. I definitely think it might not be for everyone. I also don’t think people should be ashamed if they do decide they need a bit more of a boost. At the end of the day I think it all comes down to your health. That’s not something to mess around with so listen to your instincts and do what feels right for you.

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