Why I moved back home…AGAIN.

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Somehow I’m always back here again. I’ve written a couple of blog posts about moving out of state, coming back, and moving out again. In this one I am explaining why I am back.

This time a longer temporary move back home. The plan is to be here for another year and then officially move out FOR GOOD. After the last couple of tries, I am dedicated to make it happen in this next chapter.

Moving out of state was hard. Knowing absolutely no one and trying to make ends meet. The first time, I freaked out. Reality set in and I was really hard on myself. I cried for days and decided it was rushed. Moving back, I thought I would give other locations a try. My heart kept telling me Nashville was the place I needed to be. After spending a couple of months back home I decided to give it another go. Let’s just say finances weren’t on my side and I needed to make a realistic decision.

After working for a week and expecting to make it okay. I started to think about my future. By future, I meant my 30’s. The truth is I didn’t want to be a 30 year old in debt from credit cards that I spent too much on. Staying in Nashville meant using my credit the first couple of months as I had not saved up enough. Although I was desperate to move out due to a rocky home life, it wasn’t the best timing. I thought if I could live rent free for another year and pay off some debt, why not?

Almost two months later from returning and I’ve realized some old habits have come back to haunt me. Being home and just in this city in general gets me in a bad mood. I get angry a lot and have been feeling that sense of fight or flight again. This has made me take extra measures to stay away from old behaviors. Having the ability to take care of myself helps quite a bit. If I had to work all day to pay rent I know I wouldn’t have that chance.

Being at home isn’t the easiest, but it is the best thing for me at this point in my life. I think it’s important to stop comparing myself to others and just do what’s best for my future and PRESENT. That was the hardest thing to accept during this whole process.

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Thanks for sticking around,

Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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Sometimes, being an adult is intimidating!

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  • Let’s face it, adulthood isn’t what we thought it would be like. Especially when you’re first starting to figure life out. Although it may seem like things are tough now, it won’t always be like this. Remember there is always still HOPE! I know it sounds cliche, but if you read my other posts you’ll see that I haven’t always had it easy. Although that’s been the case, I’m still here giving myself the chance to live the life I deserve. Oops, I didn’t mean to get so deep. Anyways… Don’t let these things stop you from getting where you want to be.
    1. Applying for a credit card: I definitely thought I would be great with my credit. At the beginning, I actually was. Then life happened and here we are. So, here’s what I learned that can lower your credit score: don’t apply for too many credit cards too early, and make sure not to spend more than 30% of your limit.
      Getting health insurance: Unfortunately having health issues out of the blue are pretty common. Whether a minor injury or more serious problems, it’s always best to make sure you’re covered! If money is an issue you can apply for more affordable coverage. Whatever the case, GET INSURANCE.
      Meeting new people: As an adult it can be harder yet easier to meet new people. You see in school, it’s easy to meet people because you’re stuck with them in the same class. As a working adult, you actually have to put in more effort to make new friends. I DO think it’s better to meet people as an adult because you can surround yourself with people you actually want to be around and not people you are obligated to be around. Look at the brighter side of it!
      Being accountable for yourself: I am referring to booking your own appointments and making sure you show up. What helps me is using my day off to call all the places I need to and schedule them. Afterwards, adding it to the calendar on my phone or writing it in a planner helps remind me to get there! Next thing you know, you are one responsible adult.

    Every period we go through in life will have it’s ups and downs, but it’s nice to know you aren’t alone. That’s why I wanted to write this, so others can avoid the mistakes I wasn’t told about. My best adulting advice: Things will only be as intimidating as you make them.

    If you have anything else to add, feel free to add them in the comments below!

    Thanks for reading,

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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    Eating disorders are MORE than just a NUMBER.

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    *There may be some sensitive content for some viewers. Information/details on eating disorders.*

    I dealt with an eating disorder for 10 years. Most of the time I had disordered eating patterns, but all of the time I had body image issues. I know people who haven’t experienced an eating disorder or recovery may think that it all just revolves around the number. The more weight you lose the worse your disorder actually is. In fact, this is why I didn’t think I had an eating disorder until my 10th year of dealing with it. I’m glad there is more talk on mental health so I would like to just touch up on some things that may come along with an eating disorder.

    • It is a mental health issue: This isn’t just a physical problem. There is a chemical imbalance in ones brain which causes them to think and feel different. Of course this then can lead to physical problems. Some of which include an unhealthy weight, poor dental hygiene, bone issues, heart issues, and etc.
    • Body dysmorphia is part of an eating disorder: The way one thinks about themselves is very important to identifying an eating disorder. I personally pictured myself very different in my head compared to how I really looked in person. It can also be an obsession with physical experience that can take up most of a persons time.
    • There are many different types of an eating disorder: Speaking from my own experience, I had binge eating disorder. What this meant is that I would spend days not eating full meals and then decided to eating everything in site in one day. Along with this I had obsessive thoughts about my appearance.
    • You don’t have to be at a certain weight to have an eating disorder: Everybody’s body is different. This means everyone will have a healthy body weight that may not be the same as the person next to them. My weight fluctuated a lot, but I was never really thin or really overweight. I looked healthy so I thought I was. This is what I meant by it being a mental illness. Just because someone doesn’t look sick doesn’t mean they aren’t.

    I hope this gives a little insight on eating disorders. Please feel free to share your own thoughts or anything I might’ve left out in the comments below. If you or anyone you know might be suffering with an eating disorder, check out the website below for some more information:

    National Eating Disorders Association

    Thank you for reading,

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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    Thoughts on turning 25!

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    A while ago I wrote a blog post about my fear of getting older. It stemmed from a need to have my life together and not struggling to make ends meet. Turns out the 20’s aren’t “old”. It’s just the constant struggle of how to act, what age to act, and when to act a certain way. As anyone else, I’ve gone through a lot of changes this past year.

    A couple of days ago I turned 25 and now I see aging in a completely different light… well, sort of. Instead of fearing it, lately I’ve been excited to get older. Some of this still comes from the pressure of needing to have it all together. I’m hoping in 10 years I will be a lot more comfortable than I am now. You know, having a career and living in a city I love. I’ve decided to accept the 20’s for what they are. A learning period of mistakes, realizations, and understanding the what I want out of life. I don’t mean what I want to do or when I want to settle down. I mean doing things I love without second guessing myself. Crying when I want to cry, laughing when I want to laugh, and ignoring the voice in my head that tells me otherwise. It’s like a constant battle in my head with negative judgment. After moving and coming back home I’ve realized that things aren’t going to be easy. I need to push myself to allow myself to struggle because ultimately that’s how I will learn. Especially with all the health issues I’ve had to deal with, I know now I just need to GO FOR IT. Sometimes I might fall but at least I won’t have to be wondering what if.

    So whoever is reading this, embrace where you are now in life. Don’t worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. There is a reason why people tell you to not compare your life with anyone else’s.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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    These really DON’T matter in adulthood.


    As a teenager or young adult a lot of us think that whatever we decide or do now is going to live on with us forever! Growing up, I’ve realized that this in fact is NOT true. I spent many days stressing over things that honestly weren’t and still aren’t a big deal. Maybe it’s getting more comfortable with who I am or maybe people just become a lot more sensible in adulthood (one can hope).  If you are a teen reading this, I want to ease you with some of the things you might be going through. The truth of the matter is that whatever you are going through you probably won’t even remember a couple years from now. Don’t worry, I’m here to make life a bit easier for you and let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Trust me, these don’t and shouldn’t matter!

    1. How many social gatherings you attend: This does not determine your cool factor.
    2. What “click” you should hangout with: Majority of people don’t really stay friends.
    3. How much you spend on materialistic items: Oh trust me, life gets more expensive.
    4. Planning your elaborate future: Trust me when I say… nobody’s life will go exactly as planned.
    5. WHEN you have your first kiss or lose your virginity: Nobody is comparing numbers in adulthood. If they are, they have some serious growing up to do. Take your time and do things as you want to. Years from now if all is done, you’ll realize how big of a deal it isn’t and life just goes on. Trust me, you’re not missing out on anything (and my nickname was “prude” in high school)… I know what it’s like to be on both sides of things.

    The truth is everything comes with happiness. You’ll realize how little these things in life really are when you find your inner peace. You will start enjoying your life so much more that you won’t need a stamp of approval or reassurance for any of it. Of course, this all comes in time. Be patient with yourself…always.

    Thanks for stopping by,


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    Avoid these travel mistakes.

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    I’m totally not writing this because I made a stupid mistake while traveling last week. Nope, not me! Don’t worry I have saved you the trouble though. Take it from me and be aware of these travel mistakes.

    • Basic Economy: I don’t know if this is a new thing, but the first time I dealt with this didn’t go too well. When I bought my ticket I wasn’t aware basic economy is different than economy. Turns out basic economy is cheaper, BUT non refundable. This also means if your flight is delayed you can’t get your money back and try to switch to another airline. I took United when I got this and I wasn’t able to take a carry on so I had to pay to check my bag in. Point is… if you get a basic economy, make sure you are completely cool with waiting for a delayed flight in case that ever happens.
    • Small vs big airport: A smaller airport might be easy to get in and out from, but a smaller airport means more restrictions. One of them  being less flight options. There aren’t many times to choose from when you are scheduling a flight. If your flight get delayed or canceled you might have to fly out of a different airport or just wait a while until the next one. Smaller airports also tend to be pricier. Flying out from an international airport includes better deals, but you would just have to accept longer security lines and traffic jams (depending on where you are).
    • If money is tight, find a cheaper alternative than a hotel: Airbnb is all the rage these days. You can find one in a nice area that is not a 3 figure per night cost. People also leave plenty of reviews that will help narrow your choice.
    • Staying in Downtown isn’t always the best option: Just because a hotel is located in downtown that doesn’t mean it is where you want to be. Do your research and see what parts of town seem like a better fit for you. Most downtown’s can be quite sketchy honestly, so that might not be the best option for everyone. There might be other parts of town that have more of the things you’re interested in seeing. Just because somewhere is labeled as downtown, that doesn’t make it interesting and the only part worth seeing.

    I hope my mistakes help keep you from making them. I love travelling, but I know some little things can go wrong and become even bigger things. Wish you the best of luck on your travels and STAY SAFE!

    Have a good week,

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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    How To Be Productive!

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    Being 24, I realized I’m getting to that age where I NEED to start sorting things out. Not that everyone at this age needs to be, but with me getting older means I have a lot of new responsibilities I didn’t before. From bills to savings to health issues. I need to keep it all in order. By doing this I needed to make a lifestyle change and simply start getting shit done. It’s not always easy to get motivate to work, bur here are  few things that help keep me in check.

    *Starting the day off with physical activity: I’ve made it a goal of mine to go hiking every weekday morning I am able to. This has helped me tremendously. I get up early, I get a nice work out in, and after I’m left with more energy to run errands and sort my life out.

    * Getting a planner: Yes, we were forced to have these things in school that we just wrote our weekend plans and friends birthdays in. In adulthood however, they are much more useful. Getting in a habit of writing in it and checking it takes some time, but it really is a great motivator. I wrote a more thorough post about my planner earlier this year.

    *Having a “get shit done” day: This means on your day off you make a list of all the calls you’ve been avoiding (Dr’s, Therapist, Bills, etc.) and actually CALLING. Also, using this day to play loud music as you clean the mess you’ve accumulated throughout the week. Another difficult task not to avoid… paying them bills. Yes, this means playing catch up and paying for any upcoming bills before you forget.

    *Planning a pamper day: I know this seems not as important as the other things mentioned, but sometimes feeling your best is the BEST motivator. I know when I feel good I feel like I (sort of) have my life together.

    Let’s just make the best of this year all, and remember the most important thing is that you move at your own pace when it comes to life.

    Happy Weekend,

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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    Country Songs With A Message.

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    Anyone who knows me knows that I am a country music geek. Anything from old school to new school to pop/country… I’m there. Lately, I’ve been listening to a few songs in country that I can’t help but relate to. See, country music is pure, honest, and unapologetic. It’s not just about the melody, but it is about the words. Regardless if you are a fan or not, I’m sure there is a song that will lyrically catch your attention. These are a few I think are worth mentioning in the hopes someone will be able to identify with.

    Follow Your Arrow– Kacey Musgraves: A song that’s honest and telling you to be honest with yourself. Pave your own path in life and do what you want.

    In Between– Kelsea Ballerini: If there is a song for the “millenial’s” this is it. If you’re wondering what your 20’s will be like, this will give you the answer.

    Female– Keith Urban: A very fitting song with everything going on now as far as gender roles. Keith Urban does a great way of putting thoughts about this topic into words with this song.

    Humble and Kind– Tim McGraw: If there is something I live by, it is kindness. I find it unnecessary for people to put themselves above other and this song speaks the truth to anyone who might need a reminder.

    Writing this post just makes me want to go on a country music playlist binge. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!!

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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    Concert Ticket Tips!

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    There are a few things I absolutely love and get the most joy doing in this world. With all the things we have to put up with it’s nice to take some time and just enjoy the things we love. There is one thing that I try to make the time for and have found to be the most helpful with forgetting about life stresses temporarily.


    This is by far my favorite “hobby” to have. The second I turned 18 and was working a job with no bills to pay, most of my money just went to concerts. My first year out of high school just meant I had time to do things that I wish I had the time more before. I decided to take full advantage and don’t regret it one bit. There is something about the energy at concerts that just make me happy. Everyone there is usually there to just have a good time and that vibe definitely comes off. You then get 2 1/2 hours of music and who doesn’t like music??? The only way I can describe shows are magic.

    Sometimes going to a show isn’t the easiest task. I mean especially if you’re a fan of the worlds most popular artists. This means shows will most likely be sold out before you get a chance to get tickets. I’ve gone through this before, so there are quite a few tips I’ve picked up these past few years.

    Always check for more tickets to a sold out show a couple weeks before: If you really want to go to a popular show and it ends up getting sold out, don’t give up. Once upon a time I wanted tickets to the Taylor Swift Speak Now tour which of course ended up being sold out. I checked for tickets two weeks before and turns out more tickets were released and I ended up getting really good seats at a reasonable price.

    StubHub is a great way to find sold out show tickets:  Of course to be used at your own risk Stubhub is another way to get ticket that might be gone. It is a resale site so people are always trying to get more than what they paid for the ticket. This is why you always have to wait until the week of the concert or even day of when people get desperate and start lowering price. Depending on the artist you might not always have the best of luck, but this is what I usually end up doing and so far I haven’t had more of an issue than just paying extra for a ticket. But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

    Center seats aren’t always the best seats: Despite these being the priciest tickets just because they are “center seats” they aren’t always the best choice. From my experience a side view is usually the best view. Side seats are tilted which means you get a better view of the stage where center seats are frustrating if someone taller than you is in the row in front of you. Sometimes side seating is closer to the stage too as it’s higher (if that makes sense). Center seats in the middle or far back rows are definitely not as close as you would think. Lately I’ve simply been just been skipping the center sections.

    If concerts are your thing like they are for me, I hope these little tips/tricks will make your experience a bit better. Let me know if you have any advice and if there is a certain performer(s) you think is worth seeing!

    Have a great week,

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

    (P.S. that’s Sam Hunt pictured up there… who I got to see last year)

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    Thing you can do all on your own.

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    There are a few things that give you major independence in this world. Moving out, learning to drive, making your own money, but what about doing things alone? In a past blog I talked about how I traveled alone and although that might not be for everyone, it definitely taught me to be on my own. It’s not necessary to go to that extent, but doing things by yourself can be the most liberating, sometimes uncomfortable, but most rewarding time. There are a few activities I think will be exciting to try alone.

    • Going to a concert
    • Traveling (I know I already mentioned)
    • Working out (You get to stop whenever you’d like)
    • Going out for a cup of coffee
    • Shopping
    • Seeing a movie
    • Visiting a museum
    • Going to a restaurant (intimidating? yes. Most of the time it’s in our head though)

    Of course with anything you do alone, always stay as safe as possible. Take your phone and make sure it’s charged! It might sound dramatic, but let someone know where you are going. Lastly, if you are working out make sure you take some water with you and try not to go to a secluded area.

    Remember, independence isn’t selfish. Own who you are.


    Have a great week!

    Suzy [fragile, yet fearless]

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